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This fishing thing is in my blood…

When I was a little kid my grandad had a separate fishing workbench in his basement where he worked on his fishing gear and made his own custom plugs. I was mesmerized by it. I used to sneak down just so I could look at all his creations and hold them in my hands. I watched my uncle pour his own plastics in the kitchen before I knew how to boil water. I was a boy growing up around men who routinely brought home fish.

I went through the stacks of Fishing Facts magazines at my grandparents house looking through all the pictures and trying to understand all the articles. One day, I told myself, I’d be the one catching all the fish.

Somewhere in the years following those days admiring my grandpa’s workbench, and riding my bike for miles on gravel roads carrying fishing gear, or walking through farm fields to fish for hours by myself, adult life showed up and got in the way, and fishing fell by the wayside. WAY way side. My love for fishing hadn’t completely expired though. It may have gone dormant, but it wasn’t dead.

Then one day, sometime after I turned 40 and decided that I was finally a ‘man,’ I came abruptly face to face with my mortality. I ended up being fortunate enough to get an extension on my life, and I wasted no time getting on to some serious priority reorganization. I started taking my youngest son fishing (a lot) and after working me for months he finally talked me into getting fishing kayaks.

Once I had the yak it went from pastime, to hobby, to obsession in pretty short order. I decided once-and-for-all that I was going to learn to excel at this fishing game and I was going to carry on the family fishing legacy.

The truth is, that at first, I wanted to fish anyway, anywhere. After I started catching fish from the yak though, that was it. THAT was the only way I wanted to catch fish anymore – and I wanted to catch all kinds of them, from all kinds of places – all out of my kayak.

So now I’m constantly working to improve my skills, to branch out to different species, to target trophy class fish, and to get better pictures and better video while I’m at it. I’m making up for lost time. Keep those challenges coming…

I’m a techie by profession with a long history as a DJ with some music/video editing background. I’ve also always enjoyed writing, so a blog seemed like the perfect outlet for all of my creative urges, as well as a natural way to tie them all to the thing that I love doing the most.

Ultimately this site is just an exercise in personal expression. My goal here is to do my very best to capture and convey the variety of outstanding personal experiences this sport has given me. If I can entertain some people, maybe turn a few others on to this awesome, growing sport, and possibly even help a few fellow anglers catch more fish in the process, then so much the better. It makes me happy to feel like I’m giving something back, even if it is just in my own small way.

Thanks for stopping by to check things out. I hope you find something here you like.


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