Master Angler Challenge

Like a lot of other states the Iowa DNR has it’s own Master Angler program.

In a nutshell:
A trophy class fish of any listed species will get you a Master Angler certificate.
Accumulating five certificates for different species over time will elevate you to Silver Status.
Accumulating five more certificates for different species over time for a total of ten will elevate you to Gold Status.

I had three of these, mostly fish caught from farm ponds, when I got my kayak. Once I was bitten with the full addiction of kayak fishing I decided that I wanted to start over and work my way towards the Gold Status, catching all of them from my yak. I gave myself the added challenge that all my fish had to be caught from public waters. 

It seemed like it would be a fun challenge and I figured I’d come out the other side a much more rounded angler.

My ten species hitlist and my status to date:

Large Mouth Bass
Channel Cat
Common Carp
Black Crappie
White Crappie
Flathead Catfish
White Bass
Yellow Bass
Hybrid Striped Bass (Wiper)
Small Mouth Bass

DNR Angler Status Page

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