The Flathead Spawning Run A.K.A “Gravy Train”

Flathead fishing is broken up into different phases and the tactics for targeting them varies depending on which part of the year it is. My favorite window runs from roughly Memorial Day to Independence Day. During this phase many flatheads make runs up into the smaller tributaries. The fish are actively moving and they’re feeding up for the spawn. This is the perfect scenario for targeting them from the kayak. You can get away from the crowds and the boats and you can find some great fishing. If you can locate the right hole with some good cover you can fish it day after day and catch different fish that are stopping to hold there as they move through.

This year the window was squeezed a little on both ends because of the weather, but even so, it was easily my most productive. It’s good times while it lasts but already these hot spots have all dried up and won’t produce again until next season. Now the game plan has to change in order to stay on the good fish.

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