A Winner Weekend

It’s been a strange Spring. I’ve been out a bit here and there but I’ve been testing some new gear and sitting on a particular spot that I’ve been trying to gain information about. Then there’s been the sketchy weather. The sum total is that April has arrived and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of research done but very little serious fishing.

Time to remedy that.

The river temps have been hovering at 43-45 for weeks and the forecast for this last weekend had me positive that we’d see a spike up over the 50 degree mark. Go time. I loaded up Friday evening and made the muddy trek Saturday morning to one of my favorite river spots to get my first real day of proper river fishing in this season.

The payoff was a nice 31″ citation channel. A fat male complete with battle scars. Just the way I like them.

31 inch fatty

River thug

Sunday I made a scouting run and was taken by surprise to find a really terrific looking hole that I have high hopes for here in another month…

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