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WASP 9905 Action Cam – The perfect kayak angling camera?

I’ve used a handful of different cameras and action cams over the past few years and they’ve all had their pros and cons. I picked up a Wasp 9905 Action Cam this Spring because it had a couple of huge selling points. Of all the cameras I’ve used the Wasp has easily given me the most Bang-for-my-Buck. In fact, after using it most of the season I just picked up a second because I’ve been so happy with it. No camera is perfect for every situation but the Wasp 9905 has some features that make it particularly well suited for filming while fishing from a kayak.

You can check out my video that covers those features along with how I have it set up to get the most out of it below.

Here are the links to the camera and the waterproof USB cord on Amazon.
Wasp 9905 Action Cam
Waterproof USB Cord

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