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Ultimate Tactical Kayak Angling Crate

The centerpiece of all my rigging is truly my crate, and since gear storage and organization is vitally important in the limited space of a yak, it’s the best place to start thinking about all of your specific needs.

First off, let me say that my crate is the Alpha Crate; it’s a juggernaut of efficiency and organization. It’s perfect – but most likely only [i]for me[/i] and the way that I fish.

When and if you get your crate or storage system perfected it will be much different than mine, and that’s really the key to building the ultimate tactical crate (all of your yak rigging really). Figure out what you need, what you use the most, and build your storage system around that.

So if you use nothing set up the way that I have, you might at least get inspired to be a little creative and really get your own storage dialed in. So, without any further ado…

My Ultimate Tactical Kayak Angling Crate

The Front

The Front

Front Open


On the front of my crate I attached a Fieldline Waist pack. After I was sure this was the configuration I wanted I punched holes in it and through the crate so I could cinch it in place with zip ties.

It holds all the tools I need quick access to, as well as containers of terminal tackle and accessories.
The Back

The Back

Containers inside the pouch

Containers laid out

On the back I mounted another fieldline accessory pouch. This pack is just the right size to hold a bunch of smaller zip pouches for things that I only occasionally or rarely need. First aid kit, extra data cards and camera batteries, Skin protection, lighting, etc. It also holds a drybox that my phone goes in when I’m on the water. The case for my sunglasses straps on to the MOLLE strap

Inside the other pouch

Next to that I mounted another pouch that holds my line spools and a couple of other little things like a case with slip bobbers. This pouch is actually made to go on to the handle-bars of a bicycle, it’s pretty rigid and holds it’s shape, accommodating the spools perfectly. It bothers me a lot that it doesn’t match the camo of the other bags. A lot… They don’t come in camo print though, and Fieldline doesn’t make a pouch of this style. It kept me up nights at first, and I tried to just use two of the same Fieldline pouches next to each other, but it just made it inconvenient to get to my line spools so end the end I had to opt for function over form and live with it. But I digress…

Rod Holders

PVC Rod Holders

In all I have 6 holders of your standard PVC fare. Two are angled back. I will often use one of these to drift bait and the other one for a net. Exactly what goes in them largely depends on where and for what I’m fishing. Typical set up though is 2 baitcasters, 2 spinning, 1 little ice fishing combo for catching baitfish and a net.

I used an extra large zip tie to help hold the three pipes in series and I use that to hold a wax pen, that I use for marking my charts (Those go in a restaurant menu that keeps them dry) and a Larry style light that’s only a click away for instant light.

Close Up

Grease Pen and Light on the Zip tie

Menu Chart Holder

Restaurant Menu Chart and Note Holder

My 3600 size tackle organizers fit perfectly between the PVC rod holders.

3600 Organizers

3600 Tackle Cases

The only issue I had was that when I pulled one out, the others fell forward in a way that made it a hassle to get it back in. I ended up having to contort around and make a ruckus. Not my style.

I ended up adding a little bungee cord that will keep 4 of the containers upright and snug. It then stretches a bit and allows me to easily and quietly slide the 5th one back in place behind my back without having to even look. I was crazy happy with how slick this tiny mod worked and what a huge benefit it became. My worm container is also the 3600 size but a different style with different compartments. It always sits in front of the bungee strap and doesn’t interfere with removing or replacing the other containers behind it.

With Bungee

Cases held up with the bungee mod so they don’t fall forward

With the 5th case put back in. Held snug with the bungee cord

On the starboard side you can see another bungee cord. This cord creates a little slot that cradles my plug knocker.

Plug Knocker

Slot for the Plug Knocker

Plug Knocker in place

It’s positioning allows me to grab it by the handle with one hand without having to look while I’m holding my snagged rod with my other hand.

Port Side

Port Side Accessories

On the port side of my crate I have my buck knife ‘permanently’ attached with velcro and zip ties. It’s always in position. (I have a separate dive knife that I keep attached to me) I have a thermometer that is on a line that I just toss out and it hangs about 1′ below my keel, or it just stores in a rod holder to stay safe.

Finally I have my ‘stringer.’


Quick Deploy Safety Stringer

If I’m keeping fish to eat I kill them and put them in a catch bag. I work hard hunting trophy class fish too though and if I get one I want a picture that is worthy of it. That can mean repositioning for light or background or setting up a camera angle. I don’t want to keep the fish out of water and stressed out while I’m doing that so I have this modified stringer that I can deploy instantly. It has a 10′ line so the fish can get away from me and feel safe and it has a single metal stringer clip that I modded with a hole and a bend in the clip so that it locks shut and can’t accidentally come unclipped.

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

Here it is all loaded up for a typical day on the water.
My crate evolved over a couple of years and I was [i]constantly[/i] fine-tuning it to meet specific needs that I had.

Hopefully sharing my crate will help open the doors to the organization possibilities for all the newbies we have out there.

Keep assessing what is a hassle for you to get to, or what you wish you had at hand, or just any and all your storage needs that aren’t being met, and with a little creativity you too can have the [b][u]Ultimate Tactical Kayak Angling Crate[/u][/b]
Happy Rigging Yall!